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Guys -

The owner of the Piggly-Wiggly chain lived 2 houses down from us on the street behind our house - he passed away in about 2003. He was a lifelong "O" scaler with a large layout in a building behind his house. Sadly, his house and outbuilding are gone now.

When P-W was a viable business, he would be approached by salesmen from the various food companies. He gave the salesmen for some of his largest accounts an "O" scale brass Lobaugh reefer for them to paint in their slogans and return to him to run on the layout. I recall one painted with running animals from Libby. Also one from Del Monte.

I would also like some decal artwork for P-W in "O" scale.

A.T. Kott

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Jerry, nice!

Anyone know of any good online photos of Piggly-Wiggly trucks from
the 1950's? P-W was prominent in San Antonio including warehouses served
by the SP...

Tim O'Connor

Jerry/Tim, I would love to have decals for Piggly Wiggly also. My uncle was an executive for them in San Antonio back in the 50's and 60's. My 1940 layout could use some P-W decals.

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