Etched running boards for F&C Erie built 1951 Dunmore Shops Covered Hoppers


G'Day Everyone,

I'm presently building 5 of the West Shore/Funaro & Carmerlango Erie built 1951 Dunmore Shops covered hoppers, and I want to replace the awful looking running boards with Plano etched running boards. The resin kits come with resin Apex running boards, but after looking at a few pictures of the prototype, it appears that the cars were delivered with Morton running boards, or something close to the Morton design. After reviewing Plano's website, I realized that they only manufacture an Apex running board that's designed to fit the ConCor/Walthers 3-bay PS2. Close enough in length, the Plano Apex running boards could work on the resin kits I'm building, but the result would still not provide me with the correct running boards. I did purchase a few of the 40' and 50' boxcar Morton running boards that Plano produces to see if I could bash something out of those, but the length of each running board segment is too long to fit between the roof supports on the covered hoppers.

So my question is…Has anyone attempted to correct the F&C running boards w/etched Morton running boards?

Darrall Swift – Colorado Springs

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