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Armand Premo

TWO (2) Resin 50 ' Viking roofs for sale.<G> Armand Premo

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On Jun 13, 2011, at 11:32 AM, Paul Lyons wrote:

> Armand,
> Tom was making referrence to the roofs on the models, not the
> prototype. None of the P2K models had Viking roofs. I am not sure
> about the prototypes, except some of the NKP cars had Viking roofs.
> I am sure there were others

No, actually the only model that should have had a Viking roof and
didn't was the NKP double door auto car, and that was a mistake. I
say that as one of the consultants on that project who should have
caught the mistake but didn't. None of the photos and information we
then had on the NKP cars showed them with Viking roofs. And, yes,
the roofs on the double door cars were a bit lame, though they were
corrected on the single door cars. At that time, Life-Like was
trying to overcome its image as a purveyor of cheap toy train junk
and the P2K models were, on the whole, as good or better than their
competition for the serious scale modeler market (and still hold up
pretty well even in today's market, which is why Walthers keeps re-
issuing them).

Richard Hendrickson


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