Re: decals

Tim O'Connor


What set did you use? I'm guessing you tried to use HC-93, to letter a
rebuilt USRA hopper that Overland offered as a company sand car (OMI 3129)?
It's true the right hand side data looks funky, but I have a scan of one
of the hoppers with 5 lines of data, and another with only 4 lines. The
sand cars appear to be lettered slightly differently than the open cars.
Rich lived in North Dakota so he may have depended on others for the data
for many of his sets.

Anyway, I'm glad it inspired you to produce decals. Your work is very good
and a very good value.

Tim O'Connor


My first experience with making decals was the result of using a Champ set on a brass Frisco covered hopper. Drawings and pictures had appeared in Mainline Modleler so I had good reference but the Champ set didn't fit properly and I was only able to get 4 lines of inaccurate data where the prototype had 5. I traded it for another unpainted one and started over, producing my own decals on an ALPS. I no longer use an ALPS but have been making decals ever since including even replacing some in Sunshine Models kits.
Jerry Glow

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