Re: CB&Q XA-16 brake layout

Tim O'Connor

For my first attempt (on a Front Range box car) I had no idea how to
model the brake components so I used an Athearn box car as my template!!
Needless to say, I built a nice mirror image of the brake system. I
knew the cylinder and brake wheel had to line up too, so I mounted
the brake wheel on the right side of one end. :-)

Tim O'Connor

At 6/14/2011 11:29 AM Tuesday, you wrote:
When I started building resin kits in about 1992-93, all of my model building was military-airplanes & armour-so the basic assembly and all of the parts did not intimidate me. But when I got to the brakes and the instructions essentially said: "Add brake parts" without any photos or explanation of what the parts looked like, I was pretty discouraged. If I remember correctly, I consulted the instructions from a Tichy "house car" kit to try to understand what the brake parts were.

It was then that I realized I need to understand the prototype better if I was going to build freight cars in a serious way and among other things started collecting photos.

Bill Welch

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