Boston Library and Double door cars

Bruce Smith


Combining two threads here, the photo posted earlier:

shows the end of a PRR X25A as the first car in the photo. The X25A
was a double door automobile car version of the X25.

Looking at the photo, the ball keystone (or circle keystone) is on
the right side, just the opposite of what I said. Why might that
be? Well, the X25 had a center leftward opening door (aka "wrong
way"). The X25A's second door was added to the right of the original
door, not to the left. Thus fully opening the doors on the X25A
would not obscure the reporting marks on the left side but would if
they were on the right side. Of course, the X25 single door had the
reporting marks on the right, not the normal left. An exception to
every rule <VBG>


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