Re: decals

Tim O'Connor

Dennis Storzek wrote

> And, all of this adds up to why there were no takers for the Champ Decal line...
> the art is very dated, and has no value if its source can't be documented. Dennis

Dennis, are you sure that is why? From what I've seen of decal manufacture using
silkscreens, the artwork is only the first step in the process. I thought Champ used
a "letter press" and used some kind of printing plates to make the decals, so there
may be cost and complexity involved in converting the Champ IP to silkscreen decals.
For that matter do we even know that the Champ artwork still exists? As far as I
know, once George Bishop (Accucals, MLW) had used his artwork (original paste-ups)
to make the photo masks for the silkscreens, he only kept the masks. Maybe Rich only
kept the plates? Of course, later on George did the artwork on a computer, so he
could keep those files forever.

The Herald King decal line was sold, and has many errors in size, color, style, etc.

Many Champ sets were produced in the 1990's, and some after 2000. That doesn't seem
so "dated" to me.

Tim O'Connor

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