Optic style lettering

Bill Welch

All of the decal talk reminds me of a question I have had for awhile:
Was the type style used by the FGE/WFE/BRE System truly known as
"Optic?" I think my knowledge of this font comes from a Sunshine PDS,
but I have seen other references to Optic, although I cannot remember
where. I have certainly seen this name used on this list and I have
used it in my various handouts. I have seen this style used on other
earlier freight cars--NC&StL and curiously the Armour owned Fruit
Growers Express circa 1904 are two examples.

This morning I tried Googling the name but nothing productive or
definitive came up. I am curious if anyone on this list has any
authoritative knowledge about this type design and if we are using
the correct name for it?

As I work on my book about these companies, I am trying to make sure
I do not perpetuate errors and misconceptions. I must also confess
that one of my hopes is to find a source for this style since it is
so distinctively associated with FGE/WFE/BRE, I would like to use it
for chapter headings and page numbering in my book.

Any clarity on this will be appreciated.
Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

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