Re: Question on brakes on rebuilt SF Door and half automobile car

Pieter Roos

For those who might be curious, here is a photo of the finished kit:

Pieter Roos
Connecticut (and S scale modeler).

--- In STMFC@..., Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...> wrote:
Ah, now I know that what you're talking about is an Fe-P class car
originally built with 1-1/2 steel plate doors. Many of these cars
were rebuilt in the early 1930s as Fe-T class with 12' double doors
and Evans double deck auto racks. A decade later, the auto racks
were removed and the cars reverted to the Fe-P class. In 1950 300
cars had their auxiliary doors secured shut and were reclassified
Bx-56. Later in 1950, another 200 were converted to single door cars
with 6' doors; their auxiliary doors were removed and their sectional
sheathing extended, and they were reclassified Bx-58. I have photos
of all four versions which I'll send you off list.

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