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That was a great example of "team effort" IIRC I was supplied a sheet of 2" tall letters & numbers reduced from actual tracings. I'd forgotten the part about the missing characters but faced the same in doing a UP font from the tracings in Terry Metcalfe's book. BTW (sneeking in an announcement here) I'm expanding the 10'6" set to now offer one for a 10' IH car. The same drawings apply other than actual data.

Jerry Glow
The Villages FL

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When I volunteered in about 1994 to create data for the MoPac lettering style in use from at least the 1920s until 1963, I knew that the original MoPac lettering drawings had not surfaced. (It's been referred to as the DeSoto font, but as noted here, there was no such original term.)

I drew each of the letters I knew we needed, from photos, in a very cumbersome long-gone freeware drafting package, and came up with ten numbers and about 22 letters. As noted here, I could find no evidence of a Q or a couple others I can't think of now. So I sent this off to Tom Stolte, who sent it to Jerry Glow, who wrote back to me asking for the missing four letters. (!)

So I drew them, that being the hurdle we had to jump in order to create the decal sets which are still available from Oddballs. No, I didn't ask for a commission. Yes, Jerry created a TrueType font. I still have it somewhere, on a 3-1/2 inch floppy......

Ron Merrick

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