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The criticism of use of fonts is their misuse. Credit cards are nice too but running up a $30k debt dosen't make sense. With a proper program, fonts can be manipulated to fit a picture. I used to fret about spacing between characters and width of the space (yes you have to define that) but now do it all in CorelDraw after typing in the data.

Jerry Glow
The Villages FL

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You guys are hitting a nerve with the discussion on lettering accuracy. I'm a little nuts on this having spent weeks on artwork for one decal set I will not use fonts or guess at what the size is. Photos are a must, sometimes what happens in the field doesn't match the stencil diagram! And they have to fit on the models correctly! While things are way better than they used to be I wish all manufacturers of prototype cars would take advantage of resources like the folks on this list instead of guessing or using fonts. It is hard for me to understand how someone could spend all the money to make an accurate model then skimp on the lettering research. I guess it is just a small percentage of modelers that worry about lettering accuracy. Sometimes I get requests where folks have scratch built cars and don't want me to spend too much time on getting the lettering exact. Unfortunately, I'm not wired that way!

Thanks for letting me rant a bit,
Jeff Adams
Western Maryland Railway modeler

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