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Pete Reinhold enquired about chalk marks: all depends. I have photos of cars, especially from the 1930s
and '40s, where as many as 20 or 30 separate chalk marks are visible,
but on other cars chalk markings were much less in evidence - though
most cars had at least a few.<

Another question: Did different railroads have a "policy" about where
to place the chalk marks or was it decided by each individual?

I recall watching them mark cars in the Milwaukee Road yard in
Madsion, Wisconsin for the local train to Prairie du Chien and they
placed the marks for the "drop-off city" to the left of the car

A second question: What is/was the information content of typical
"chalk marks"? I have seen "drop-off" locations: city, industrial
siding, etc. What other information was "chalked" on freight cars?

Bob Witt

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