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lawrence Jackman <ljack70117@...>

In my RR experience a carman never chalked anything. If there was
something wrong with a car he would BAD ORDER it. He had a BAD ORDER
CARD. he filled out two copies with the car number and exactly what was
wrong and would nail it to the card board on the door of the car on each
side. He would let the Yardmaster or switchforman know about it. In the
yards I worked in, chalk marks were not used.
Thank you
Larry Jackman

dehusman wrote:

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A second question: What is/was the information content of typical
"chalk marks"? I have seen "drop-off" locations: city, industrial
siding, etc. What other information was "chalked" on freight cars?
The carman's inspection marks. Could be the carman's initials and
date or location. Could be some sort of code or shorthand. Usually
placed over one of the trucks. Whenever a hotbox occurred one of the
first things asked was who's marks were on the car.

Dave H.

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