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Thank you David.Your response jogged my memory, I had forgotten about the ex- NYC double sheathed box cars.This begs the question:Are there any kits,cars or decals available for any of these cars?Armand Premo

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--- In STMFC@..., Armand Premo wrote: "What was the relationship between the NYC and the TH&B. Are there any kits or decals for the TH&B?"
--- Pierre Oliver replied: "Unless I'm mistaken, NYC was a part owner of the TH&B, along with CPR. If anyone has decals for the TH&B it would be, Also Westerfield made a kit for a TH&B Fowler."
--- and Armand Premo responded: "Thank you Pierre. Fowlers are a little too early. Not sure how many were in service between 1948 and 50."

Armand, good news - in your timeframe, the predominant boxcar on the TH&B was 300 USRA double-sheathed boxcars in series 4500-4799 that had been bought used from the NYC in Nov 40. Per John Riddell's article in RMC Dec 97, 283 cars remained in revenue service per the Apr 51 ORER. Many of this series were scrapped in 1954-55, having been replaced by 500 steel boxcars built by NSC between 1949 and 55. Originally, all were freight car brown, but two cars in assigned express/LCL service received the 1954 pale yellow and black paint scheme. At least 10 cars went into maintenance of way service and 23 others went third-hand to private companies; nevertheless, the Jul 65 ORER showed 12 cars still in revenue service! Westerfield had both paint schemes in their USRA DS line, IIRC; however, USRA DS boxcars have also been available in HO from other firms.

Although TH&B operated as an independent railway, Riddell notes that NYC and its subsidiaries held the majority of TH&B stock: 37% owned directly by NYC plus 18% each by Michigan Central and by Canada Southern; only 27% was owned by Canadian Pacific.

Hope this helps, Dave Sieber, Reno NV


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