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Tony, Yes, you may share your copies with anyone who would like them. After all, sharing information is the purpose of these groups. I continue to be amazed and flattered that this article still has "legs". Those interested in tank cars may want to review another article I wrote for the July 1988 MM concerning a kitbash of the Tichy model into a two compartment car. Thanks for your support.

Mark Feddersen

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eddie_walters wrote:
As one of the younger modelers here (I was 2 1/2 when those articles
were published!) I missed them when published in Mainline Modeler -
and the back issues are no longer readily available. Is there any
chance that your articles could be made available somewhere online
for those of us who are interested in seeing them?
Mark or anyone is permitted to share copies with individuals
for their personal use--in the copyright law, it's called "fair use"--
and If Mark doesn't have digital copies, I do. I can share them with
whoever would like them. Warning--my files aren't small, as I wanted
to capture the photos adequately. I can either reduce to small jpegs,
or can send them via YouSendIt, an FTP site which will allow you to
download the files. I would prefer to have Mark's permission to do so,
though it's not required in the law.

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