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Thanks for answering my questions regarding the

SEABOARD "roundroof" boxcars. I have two other
questions not
regarding the AF-1s or B-7s.
1)What were the different types of steel running
boards? I've heard
of the Apex type and now the Morton type. Any
other types?
2)Sometime ago, I believe, Richard Hendrickson
mentioned that the only
accurate commercially available Hutchins Dry
Lading roofs were on
ACCURAIL's CN prototype SS boxcar. I believe this
car is in their
4200 series of models. My question is: Is the CN
car the only one
that can be used or is any car in the 4200 series
I thank everyone for their assistance!

I believe that any car in the series is acceptable.
The way to tell is that the Hutchins roof had an
intermediate stiffener in the middle of the panels and
what will look like a nut-bolt-washer at the outer
roof edge on the seam cap, on the raise portion
between the two panels joined by the seam cap. This
is not the only Hutchins dry lading roof available,
but it is the easiest to acquire. Both Sunshine and
Westerfield offer castings for them in some of their
kits, as appropriate.


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