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Randy Hammilll wrote:
Stauffer had several divisions across the country. Would the decals also be appropriate for the eastern division lettered SCHX?
Also, the SCHX cars were all either 8,000 or 10,000 gallon cars. Does anybody know if any of them happened to be easily modeled type 21 or type 27 cars?
I don't know much about the cars that made up the Stauffer fleet, and if someone has information, I'd sure like to see it. There were a great many 4000 and 7000-gallon cars, but yes, there were some 8 and 10,000-gallon cars too. The Stauffer ORER entries are more informative than many companies. As to the reporting marks, here's what you learn from the ORER;

Northern California branch (headquarters San Francisco, 45 cars): marks STAX
Eastern branch (HQ New York, 66 cars): marks SCHX
Southern California branch (HQ, Los Angeles, 49 cars); STLX
Nevada (HQ, Henderson, 41 cars): STHX
general fleet, reported to New York (these were small groups, 14 and 7 cars): marks STIX and STNX

As a west coast modeler, I confess that I only made STAX and STLX reporting marks in my decal sheet, but others could easily be added to represent more of the fleet components.

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