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Richard Hendrickson

On Jun 18, 2011, at 6:59 PM, rhammill wrote:

Tony -

Stauffer had several divisions across the country. Would the decals
also be appropriate for the eastern division lettered SCHX?

Also, the SCHX cars were all either 8,000 or 10,000 gallon cars.
Does anybody know if any of them happened to be easily modeled type
21 or type 27 cars?
Randy, I have four photos of SCHX cars. Three are builder's photos
which show only the as-built lettering. One is a photo dated 1952
which shows the rather elaborate Stauffer paint and lettering of that
period, and which could be used to prepare artwork for decals.
AFAIK, commercial decals have never been produced for this scheme,
and Tony's decals won't work, either, as they are for the Southern
Calif. branch.

The photos I have show SCHX 109 (a poor quality photo), which was an
early radial course GATC car; SCHX 119, an 8,000 gal. AC&F Type 21;
SCHX 121. as 10,000 gal. insulate Type 21; and SCHX 136, a 10,000
gal. GATC Type 30 with a dome platform built in 1939. The latter car
was photographed because the top seam on its tank had burst, though
the rest of the car was intact.

I can send you scans of any or all of these photos off-list, if they
would be helpful. But I'll warn you that developing the artwork for
the early '50s lettering would be a challenge!

Richard Hendrickson

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