Tank Car Questions (Dow Chemical)

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As long as the tank car people are warmed up, I have been
researching what the Dow Chemical cars might have looked
like in the summer of 1951. I have several photos from
Bob's Photo, and one from Jay Williams, that shows a light color
car with a dark band around the center of the car including
the dome taken in 1949.

I found a video on the internet showing the operation of
the Midland, MI plant in the early 1950's, and in one scene,
a plant switch engine is pulling a string of orange tank cars.
Am I looking at an orange car with a black band around the
center of the tank? There is also the diamond shaped Dow monogram
on the car, darker than the light color, but lighter than the
dark band. I am guessing that it could be blue or red.

The photos from Bob are all black cars with what appears to be
yellow lettering. (I found a few color photos on the internet).
One car with a 10-51 reweigh date has the diamond outline and
DOW in yellow and a black background. Two cars with 10-53 and
1-55 reweight date show the diamond with a yellow background and
the DOW black.

Jerry Glow has a decal set for a Dow car showing a black car
with white panels on each end of the side. I have not found a
photo of this car. I also found a photo of DOWX 38148-C showing
a black car with just the reporting marks and number. Looks
like a builder photo. Photos I have show DOWX, DTDX, and GATX
reporting marks.

Any ideas?

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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