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Didn't the Blaw-Knox look like an

Scott Chatfield
The Blaw-Knox had a similar rectangular pattern as the Apex. The primary
difference was Blaw-Knox used twisted rod for the crosswise steel members
welded to the top of the longitudinal members rather than the corrugated
pattern found on the Apex. A photo of the Blaw-Knox running board is shown on
page 405 of the 1953 Car Builders' Cyc. Photos of the other primary types of
running boards are shown in the same section. Since none of the commercially
available running boards in HO scale have a prototyical three dimensional
effect of the actual features of the running boards, for all practical
purposes the Apex effectively represents the Blaw-Knox. The same can be said
of U.S. Gypsum running boards made during the late 1950s, which were changed
from the earlier "honeycomb" apperance to a rectangular grid that looked
much like the Apex.
Ed Hawkins

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