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Just my take on this

a box car is a car for transporting boxes

a boxcar is a railroad car shaped like a box

According to Random House dictionary both are correct for a completely
enclosed freight car.

Rich Orr

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I've often seen both terms in print--"box car" and "boxcar".  I have
always felt

that boxcar was incorrect use of the English language since use of the
term would lead to words such as tankcar and hoppercar and flat car.  However I
routinely see the term boxcar in both the professional and hobby
press.  Can
anyone cite an English language reason why we would use such a term?

Yes, I know the English language isn't perfect--that argument doesn't

Wikipedia lists the term as "boxcar" and then describes it as a "goods
Following the logic, wouldn't that therefore be goodsvan?  And why stop
there--why not railroadcar or switchpoint or tieplate? 

Help me stop the madness.  If Ben can stop the United States from using
then maybe together we can stop MS Word from spellchecking box car to

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL
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