Re: Define "Striker", Please

Jim <hvrr@...>


I believe the striker plate was a slab of metal (perhaps wood on early
era cars) that was bolted to the center of the car's end sill. It would
serve as initial impact point in car to car collisions, reducing the
amount of damage to end sills, roof ends, etc...


"Beckert, Shawn" wrote:

Fellow Listers,

Looking at various freightcar diagram books I note
that most give the length of a car as "length over
strikers". Would the striker be defined as that
part of the drawbar mechanism that the coupler hits
when it gets shoved back into the pocket after a
"hard joint"?

As a side comment, it seems odd that one would measure
a car length that way, because IIRC the coupler pocket
and therefore the "striker" generally sticks out beyond
the end of the car, does it not?

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