Re: Should be running boards and roofs


Ted Culotta writes:
I would disagree that the Kadee Appex Tri-Lok is a
good approximation in that it captures one very
important feature that the etched versions do not: the
"depth" of the grid work is greater dimensioanlly than
the width (thickness) of the grid work, just like on
the prototype. Because of this, it looks far better
than an etched metal Apex Tri-Lok running board.
I understand what Ted is saying here, but in fact the "flat" etched metal
boards have about the prototype THICKNESS, or if you will, depth. They do
not have the right PROPORTIONS, neither in ratio of depth to bar thickness,
nor in ration of air to metal in a plan view. One can conclude that the
Kadee board has better PROPORTIONS, but it's way too thick in depth--and no
better in the ratio of air to "metal."

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