Re: Tanks et al

Shawn Beckert

Tom Madden wrote:

...I'm finding this thread increasingly frustrating,
because if someone on this list has the ability to
make just one really good riveted tank, the "availa-
bility" problem for that design (at least for the
members of this list) goes away.


As a tank car enthusiast almost as much as Richard H.,
but without his vast knowledge, I've been following this
conversation with great interest. What I've gathered from
this is that the problem isn't so much the tank itself as
it is coming up with a suitable underframe. Even in my
ignorance it seems to me that a tank, rivets or not, should
not be a problem for the more notorious members of this
list. Fabricating an underframe might be another story. I'm
thinking that if someone (there's that word again) could
design underframe parts that could be interchangeable as far
as different lengths or even width, that might go a long way
towards creating the ability to 'bash different car designs.
To paraphrase: "If you make the frame, the tanks will follow".

Shawn Beckert

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