Re: OMI two dome tank car

Richard Hendrickson

On Jun 22, 2011, at 3:35 PM, spsalso wrote:

The subject of this model last came up, as far as I can find out,
on this list back in '04. I thought I would myself submit it again.
The discussion in '04 was pretty much wrapped up by this comment by
Mr. Hendrickson:

"Ted, the prototype for this model was a car that Tom Marsh found
intact but
out of service in the Chicago area. Its last owner had been a private
shipper (a chemical co., IIRC) which didn't exist during the era
this list
covers, so the car was obviously second-hand. I've never seen a
photo of a
car of this design in revenue service. 10,000 gal. two-compartment
cars were extremely rare, whether insulated or not."

So, 7 years later, I'm wondering if there's any more info on this
car. Or a photo (even if it is post-list).
Edward Sutorik
Ed, Since my '04 message, I've seen no additional information or
photos on an in-service prototype for this model. Sorry!

Richard Hendrickson

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