Re: OMI two dome tank car

Larry Sexton

If the tankcar was owned by a utility, the chances are good that it could
have been used to haul or store diesel fuel for an emergency back-up diesel.
A more likely cargo would have been to carry transformer oils (contain
PCP)when the utilities were having to get rid of them and use more benign

A friend and I once found a large electrical transformer in the middle of an
orange groove in central Florida. The metal tag indicated it came from the
Commonwealth Electrical Company in Illinois. Since it was leaking oil, we
notified the EPA and it became a superfund clean-up site. This was the large
type transformer that usually requires a six axle depressed flatcar to
haul. As far as I know, while there was a great deal of speculation, no one
ever proved how it arrived in the orange groove.

Larry Sexon

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On 6/23/2011 8:15 AM, spsalso wrote:
And there's a bit of curiosity about why a utility company would have a
car like this (or 8 of them???). Was it load in or load out?
Fuel oil generator?????

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