Re: AAR 1937 decal questions

Clark Propst

Thanks guys!
I think I'll order Ted's NH decals and look for a 'original' X29 at swap meets.
Clark Propst

--- In STMFC@..., "Steve Hoxie" <stevehprr@...> wrote:

Clark--Just to be crystal clear, PRR 504019 would not have had newer ends.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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The 502000-505948 series of X29s was built in 1924-24. As built, the
car had flat plate ends, CRECo doors, a short upper door track, 2 door
stops, KD brakes and a vertical staff hand brake. In service the door
may have been replaced with Youngstown doors, and the door track and
stops may have been modified.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

<cepropst@> 06/25/11 4:42 PM >>>
Saw PRR 504019, a X29. Was that series 'standard' or did it have newer
doors, ends?

Clark propst


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