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I concur with Tom. Our niche of the hobby, i.e. prototype modelers, are too whinny and uncreative. Resin has made practically everything possible and made me a much better modeler. I would have never have dreamed I could play a part in creating masters until I tried, and am now working on a second project. Most of us are probably capable of doing one thing at least. If we expect to wait for Frank H. to do it, we will have a long wait. Both Martin and Al use patterns created by modelers. My theory is if you have time to play on the Internet, you have time to apply to advancing fine scale modeling. We have great people like Tom who are willing to share their time and expertise. we should be helping and teaching each other rather than trying to get the attention of people who do not share our vision or passion!

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Or resin. I'm finding this thread increasingly frustrating, because if
someone on this list has the ability to make just one really good riveted
tank, the "availability" problem for that design (at least for the members
of this list) goes away. The tank body as molded by InterMountain is a
drop-dead easy one to cast in resin, what with its straight-walled internal
cavity. The dome could even be cast in place. If anyone's interested they
can contact me for guidelines on designing for casting.

What's needed is an end to the hand-wringing and for one or more of us to
step up and build good masters. We shouldn't have to wait for Frank Hodina,
or the undefined "someone else", to do everything.

Tom M.

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