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Richard Orr <SUVCWORR@...>

From Jan 1901 ORER

Cornplanter Tank Line cars number 21 - 63 Cornplanter Refining Company,
Warren, PA

Rich Orr

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Here are the interesting things (to me at least) about this photo:
1) the car ferry
2) the PRR Union Lines box car (85001 to 87000 series; 2,000 cars in 1905)
3) the steam tractors on the Michigan Central 40' flat car (2000 to 2799
series; 493 cars in 1905)
4) the "A" and "B" ends on the two reefers
- National Car Line reefer (7000 to 9999 series)
- Merchants Despatch Transportation reefer (10583 to 11091 series; 454 cars
in 1905)

Oh yeah that cool looking Cornplanter tank car. Wow. I looked up what CTL is
in my 1905 ORERs and I could not find it. There is a CTL which is the
Crescent Tank Line but they don't have a tank car with that number or that
series. Any idea what company it is?

- Steve Hedlund, Silver Lake WA


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