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From Railway Age Vol 43 No 7 pg 226 (June, 1907)

Robert M Burns & Co. Chicago ... received orders from the Cornplanter Refining Co. for 24 tank cars.

This would lead me to believe that Cornplanter owned cars at least as late as 1907. This order may include the car in the photo. Need to locate the number series for this order.

Rich Orr

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Cornplanter was not in my June 1900 ORER or in my March 1903 ORER but it was in
my March 1901 and May 1901 ORER. And the car number in the photo does not match
the 21 to 63 car series as listed in the 1901 ORERs. Very short lived car!!!! -
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From Jan 1901 ORER

Cornplanter Tank Line cars number 21 - 63 Cornplanter Refining Company,

Warren, PA

Rich Orr

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Here are the interesting things (to me at least) about this photo:

1) the car ferry

2) the PRR Union Lines box car (85001 to 87000 series; 2,000 cars in 1905)

3) the steam tractors on the Michigan Central 40' flat car (2000 to 2799

series; 493 cars in 1905)

4) the "A" and "B" ends on the two reefers

- National Car Line reefer (7000 to 9999 series)

- Merchants Despatch Transportation reefer (10583 to 11091 series; 454 cars

in 1905)

Oh yeah that cool looking Cornplanter tank car. Wow. I looked up what CTL is

in my 1905 ORERs and I could not find it. There is a CTL which is the

Crescent Tank Line but they don't have a tank car with that number or that

series. Any idea what company it is?

- Steve Hedlund, Silver Lake WA


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