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Clark Propst

Yes, in modeling operations we seem to make stuff up to complicate things : ))
He made the suggestion because it's quite possible the cars were not completely empty when returned.
But, if I weigh the light cars then they'd have to be in dedicated service. Right now I allow any tank car to be loaded with lard, tallow, grease, tank water, etc.

Maybe we'll continue to just weight the loads...
Clark Propst

BTW nice RMC article Tony.

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Clark Propst wrote:
I have a couple lard car weigh tickets. So, I have my packinghouse
crew weigh all the loaded tank cars they pull.
At last night's ops a retired railroader friend suggested that the
tank cars be weighed light before taking them to the plant for
loading. That will add a bit more work to that job.
If the lard tariff is by weight, then yes, loads would have to
be weighed. An awful high percentage of tank car cargoes are on
tariffs by gallons, not by weight, so I would suggest that lard is
very much an exception.
Normally the cars for such tariffs have the light weight
stenciled on the car, and it doesn't have to be redone every time the
car is loaded, but I believe shippers had the right to demand a check
of light weight. Whether the railroad would accommodate them
repeatedly on the same cars, I don't know. But of course the job in
the model setting can be whatever you like.

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