Re: USNX 1001-1002

Ed Hawkins

On Jul 10, 2011, at 5:24 AM, rdietrichson wrote:

Good morning all,
I have several black and white photos of the subject cars, but cannot
tell the color of the cars. Were these cars painted a light Navy Gray
or were they silver?
Any help would be appreciated.
Rick Dietrichson
Wilmington, NC
From the ACF bill of materials I have compiled paint specs for ACF lot
2029, USN T102, 10,000-gallon ICC 103, built 5-40. The top and heads of
the tank were aluminum. The bottom of the tank, underframe, trucks,
lettering over aluminum were black. Lettering over black was white.
Another order for USN T103, lot 2143, was identical to lot 2029.
Incidentally, the running boards on these cars were Alan Wood Super
Diamond Plate.
Ed Hawkins

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