What's the difference between use of the abbreviated "South Shore" logo compared to the full one? I have pics of 170xx cars with the abbreviated one and lager one with a 1957 reweigh date and large "speed" DSSandA on the right instead of the Gateway slogan.

Jerry Glow

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Although DSA was registered as a reporting mark for the DSS&A, the
only reporting mark I've ever seen used for the railroad is DSS&A,
which is also listed in the 1940 and later ORER's. (I don't have an
earlier ORER.)

In the 1950 ORER it says:

The Freight Cars of this Company are marked "D., S. S. & A." ...
Both Tim and Larry Kline have it right... while the AAR changed various reporting marks over the years, there was no requirement to actually use the mark on the cars until well after the period covered by this list.

I don't happen to have a photo of a DSS&A car that I can upload, but someone linked to a photo of a Kadee PS-1 a couple days ago:

This is an accurate rendition of the last lettering scheme used by the South Shore, created for the 50' PS-1's delivered in 1957. The reporting marks were not changed until after the 1961 consolidation of the CP subsidiaries into the Soo Line Railroad Company, and at that time the cars were re-marked SOO LINE. It wasn't until far in the future, in the late seventies or early eighties, when the Soo finally agreed to use only the AAR mark, SOO on it's cars.

One other comment about reporting marks. While the AAR maintained the list of marks used in commercial service, the FRA (and I suppose the ICC before it) would issue marks to be used to identify equipment for a one time move. The Illinois Railway Museum has moved several pieces of equipment under the IRYM mark, but you will not find it listed in the ORER. From what we were told about the ownership of the equipment marked DAS, I'm sure the situation was similar.


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