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I was simply listing the assigned reporting marks. If you note there is no termination date for the DS&A and the DSS&A unlike the DSA which terminated twice. And from photographic evidence the DSS&A was used before it was officially assigned. As always photographs are the best source for a particular car.

Rich Orr

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Rich, have you found a single photo of a freight car marked DSA?
Web sites are not that useful if they simply regurgitate what is
found in the ORER -- photos are the best reference.

As Dennis pointed out, the Canadian Pacific is wrapped up in the
history of Soo Line and DSS&A (and Jim Hill of the GN too, if you
dig into the history). Corporate identity is one thing not always
directly reflected on the rolling stock.

Tim O'Connor

Duluth South Shore & Atlantic reporting marks changed over time. According to
the NRHS web site

DS&A July 1923
DSS&A April 1938
DSA Jan 1952 - April 1961 and Oct 1966 Assigned to SOO Line between 1961 and
1966 and post 1966

Rich Orr


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