Re: Tanks et al

tgmadden <tgmadden@...>

Bill W. wrote:
...we should be helping and teaching each other rather than trying to
get the attention of people who do not share our vision or passion!
Bingo!! We should also not let ourselves be trapped by the attitude "If I
can't do it perfectly, I won't do it at all". My method for building masters
is to construct a part up to the point where: 1) I've got several hours
invested; and 2) the next step risks ruining the part if something goes
wrong. At that point I'll make a zero-shrink mold and cast several resin
parts, and work with those. If I screw one up, no big deal. If anyone on
this list wants to try that procedure I'll be glad to do the interim
casting, just to get SOMETHING going! (I work with free-standing parts and
closed molds rather than flat, open-face molds. That eliminates the
thickness build-up you get from multi-generational flat casting.)


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