Re: NMRA Sacramento

Andy Harman

On Wed, 13 Jul 2011 14:04:53 -0500, Al and Patricia Westerfield wrote
Mike - I have to disagree with you. I've been a model contest chairman, judge
and entrant. There is nothing better to advance your modeling than to have it
judged by expert, competent judges who give positive advice.
Every single adjective you used is subjective... expert, competent, positive are all
subjective terms and a matter of degree (or disagree!) as are the criterion used to
choose these people.

I entered a few of these types of contests when I was younger. Whether I won or not,
the entire process left me feeling a bit yucky, although I was in my thirties before I
really understood why.

No matter, I think the statistics speak for themselves. There are very few people today
who feel as Al does about contests, and I don't see a whole lot of people being
converted that direction - a lot more so the other way. Maybe this is all circular and
10 years from now, the majority will be chomping at the bit to subject themselves to
judgment. I guess then I'll be in the minority, which is also a spot I'm comfortable
with. But I think the participation level in RPM vs. contests today is the main
indicator, unless someone can offer up another theory. My theory is the majority of
people don't want their work arbitrarily judged, by anyone regardless of what status or
authority may be conferred upon them. I'm with the majority.


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