Re: NMRA Sacramento

Andy Harman

On Wed, 13 Jul 2011 14:43:51 -0400, mike brock wrote
In the year 2000 I was appointed to be the NMRA's Sunshine Region [ SSR ]
Contest Chair. I immediately informed the region that judging would be
terminated and a popular vote would determine the winner of the Model
Contest. Two weeks later I was informed by the region president that I would
either institute formal judging or I would be fired. As far as I can tell,
my reign as Contest Chair was the shortest in NMRA history.
I gotta wonder how you ever got to be an NMRA officer in the first place :-)

I've pretty much decided I don't want to be an officer in anything, and if whatever
thing I get involved with ends up with NO officers, that's ok too.

nervous breakdown...[ it is not known if my MS-1 contributed ]. The next
Contest Chair announced that, for the next 2 years, the model contest would
be by popular vote only. He then disappeared and was not seen again.
In the days when RPM still did the popular vote thing, I always specifically excluded my
models. I figure popular vote is no more valid than a judging. In the case of judging,
it's like the commissioner of baseball awarding the world championship to the NY Yankees
because they have the highest payroll and best documented player statistics. In the
case of popular vote, it's like awarding the world championship to the NY Yankees
because they have the highest attendance.

I did get an award at Naperville one year. Kinda caught me off guard. Mont Switzer who
made the pick seemed to indicate that it was just "my turn" for having shown up 12 years
in a row or something like that :-)


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