Vintage Freight Car Sighting

Jeff English

Seen at the NYS&W engine house in Binghamton, NY: a
vintage refrigerator car with reporting marks CACV 24007. This car
is a 40-ft ice reefer with plug doors, Dartnaught ends (didn't we
agree on a more formal name for these) and horizontal-seam side
The Barber S-2 trucks have "GATX 4-50" cast into all four of
them, and underneath the garish CACV paint it is apparent that the
car's original color was orange (on the sides at least) and the
original number was 24007. I couldn't make out the original
reporting marks anywhere on the car, and I wanted to believe it was
URTX but what was there led me to think it wasn't that. Anybody
have information about GATC-built reefers in 1950 in a 24000-series
and fitting this description?
I, for one, think this car belongs in a museum.

Jeff English Troy, New York
Proto:64 Classic Era Railroad Modeling

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