Re: NMRA Sacramento

Andy Harman

On Thu, 14 Jul 2011 09:19:24 -0700, Jack Burgess wrote
as possible and therefore take advantage of RTR equipment. We don't need a
poll to tell us that we are all different but we can all still enjoy this
It was merely a suggestion that might provide useful information to the NMRA. The NMRA
seems interested in "fixing" the contest, when the reality is it might not be broken,
but simply dead and no amount of fixing is going to bring it back to 1950s popularity.
Or maybe it just needs to be left alone, to continue to serve those who do appreciate it
for what it is. The NMRA is notorious for tossing out the opinions of ex-members on
such matters, when there is a crisis of membership decline that's exactly who they need
to be listening to.


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