Re: Contests (was: NMRA Sacramento)

Andy Harman

On Thu, 14 Jul 2011 10:35:02 -0700, Anthony Thompson wrote
Reminds me of a PCR contest a few years back when there was a
Yosemite Valley log car in the contest. Naturally one's first thought
is, "Jack Burgess," but it was S scale, so of course it couldn't be
Jack. Turned out that it WAS Jack, just experimenting in another scale
(he said), but I think he was trying to mess with everyone's head.
Worked, too.
Jimmy Booth prodded me back in the roaring 90s to give Sn3 a try, even took me on some
really fabulous layout tours at Madison in 97. I ended up with a few kits. Maybe I
should build up that drop-bottom gondola and bring it to an RPM meet. Maybe credit it
to Barry Sachs. I do love all drop bottom gondolas and the PBL is one of the most
interesting of all to me.

Yep, that was Dean. I knew him well when we both lived in MCR,
and he was a great guy in many ways, but what Andy describes is
exactly Dean's take on RPM. I never understood why. Maybe it's that
"old school" NMRA mentality, which Dean certainly had in spades.
That's what caught me off guard... when I met him in 88 he was a great guy, but I guess
having seen him at many conventions but never in RPM should have tipped me off.


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