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Mike Fleming wrote:
The NMRA model contests have had and still have a purpose, and I find it very distasteful that many of you are trashing it. I would also find it distasteful on an NMRA group if they were trashing an RPM model displays.
Mike, you may not know this, but NMRA officials repeatedly treated RPM with great disdain and even hostility at NMRA National after National in the 1990s and in some cases even after 2000. Several convention committees deliberately placed RPM rooms in out-of-the-way places, and then visited said rooms to declaim on how "wrong" RPM was. That's the reason so many RPM folks have a pretty negative view of NMRA. Treat us like trash, and surprise, we view you the same way.
Don't misunderstand me. I'm a Life Member of NMRA and have served in several division and region offices (including five years as PCR contest chair), as well as attending probably 15 or so Nationals. But I have also helped organize a number of RPM exhibits, and the ill treatment of RPM still rankles. I'm not about to forget it, particularly since one still encounters the same attitude from "old school" NMRA members.

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