Re: Contests (was: NMRA Sacramento)

dennyanspach <danspach@...>

Most, i.e. most all of the fine modelers that I know, and have known, earn their high respect the old fashioned way by the quality of their modeling and their models, not by the winning of a bestowed tin star by the NMRA; or insisting or allowing that that same title be appended to the end of their name; or in one recent case the insistence that the person be so addressed in correspondence as to recognize his exalted position! Wow!

I do know a lot of very fine critical modelers. For just about all of them, achievement awards, including MMR, are absolutely irrelevant to the quality of work that they do, or their ability to perform same.

I do admire and respect the work of a number of modelers that have been awarded the MMR, but that is because these particular modelers have allowed their fine work to amply speak for itself, thus earning far more honest approbation by true peers than any title can possibly bestow.

In the interests of decorum, respect for fellow listers and their families, and the fervent wish to stay on the good side of our moderator, I will now withhold my real thoughts on this subject.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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