Rapido Meat Reefer

Douglas Harding

Had a nice long chat with Bill Schneider at the Rapido booth in Sacramento
at the NMRA show. He had updated, painted samples of the new meat reefer.
Last January he was hoping to have cars for sale at the NMRA National show.
But he explained there are still some refinements needed on the mold, and
Rapido is committed to making all the needed refinements before production.
The samples he had were so fresh, the box smelled of paint when he opened it
the first of the week.

Photos I took of the samples last Friday have been posted (awaiting
approval) to the Rapido Reefer photo album. I loaded these on the computer
and showed them to Bill, in their booth at the show. We compared the new
photos with the photos I took at Cocoa Beach. He immediately saw work that
still needs to be done, in fact my photos enabled him to see some minor
flaws he had not yet noticed. But I can say there has been vast improvements
from the early test shots he showed us in January. Bill has copies of my
photos, and he had plans to contact the factory on a few matters.

This quite encouraging, when one considers other manufactures at the show
weren't even sure what they were offering.

Doug Harding


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