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Armand Premo

Bill,Will there be a plain URTX? Armand Premo

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"I have to say that the painted models look far better than the first batch
we saw a while ago.
Pierre Oliver"

I’d have to agree with that...!

The images of the "first batch" were in fact the very first test sample
which arrived just before the Cocoa Beach meet. Because of the nature of the
RPM meet I brought it along as a work in progress and explained to everybody
there that this was an early sample with many revisions yet to be made. Most
attendees understood and accepted this (well, all but one, but that's
another story...). Unfortunately, as photos were posted on various news
groups this explanation got lost. Such is the danger of sharing early

So, for clarity, there are still several revisions yet to be done to this
latest sample, including adding several rivets, textures to the hatches,
etc. Still, I think that all will agree that it is much improved and shows
that we are committed to getting it right.

Bill Schneider
Rapido Trains


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