Re: Rapido Meat Reefer

Andy Harman

On Fri, 15 Jul 2011 10:25:42 -0400, Bill Schneider wrote
there that this was an early sample with many revisions yet to be made. Most
attendees understood and accepted this (well, all but one, but that's
another story...). Unfortunately, as photos were posted on various news
groups this explanation got lost. Such is the danger of sharing early
I think most of us understand the purpose of showing early samples is to generate
interest but also to solicit comments and corrections. The unfortunate side effect is
that a whole lot of energy is put into telling you things you already know. The casual
observer is starting from scratch to evaluate what he sees so if he notices there are no
rivets on one side of the car that's going to jump right out, even though everybody
knows the rivets just haven't been tooled yet. So you guys have to filter out all of
what you've heard before and pick out anything that may be a legitimate correction.

Unfortunately not everyone is Rapido. Some manufacturers will present a sample and when
the predictable comments roll in, they'll just snatch it off the table in a huff and say
well it is what it is, take it or leave it.

I've recently done some pre-tooling evaluation of projects at the drawing stage. In one
case, I submitted about 9 corrections and the manufacturer already knew about 8 of them.
On another project, I've been going round with corrections and literally making hand
drawings and pasting my chicken scratches next to prototype photos to convey the
changes, which at this point are just to get in the ball park. Assuming we ever hit
grass, then we can work on sliding safe into home.


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