Re: Colour match for the Rutland

PennsyNut <pennsynut@...>

On 15,07 2011 7:30 AM, Pierre wrote:

Thanks, Marty.
A quick look at the paint rack suggests Scalecoat Boxcar Red #2.
I've always wondered when America decided to shed the "u" in many
words. Armour, honour, colour, etc. But I digress...
Pierre Oliver
You say po tay toe, I say po tah toe, etc. I agree with Pierre, we
American's have had a hay day with English. Petrol became gas! Bonnet
became hood! bunches of stuff. Digression is fun -- sometimes. LOL
And thanks to our moderator for shutting off the NMRA, Conventions, etc.
I kept wondering what that all has to do with steam.
Morgan Bilbo Ferroequinologist SPF PRRTHS #1204

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