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Michael Aufderheide

The 40 ft MILW gons are the Westerfield models.  The 50 foot cars you see in many photos and would be a great car to have a modeled.  A quick look at the 1954 ORER still shows 3200 composite 50ft gons on the MILW roster.
Mike Aufderheide

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It's too bad no one is willing to identify the cars in the photos to what they are. Besides the obvious fact that there is a VGN hopper, a Reading box car, a MILW box car, a PRR box car, a MP box car and a NADX refrigerator car. And a beautiful looking MILW box car that is in the background (7xxxxx series) and it is in front of two Sinclair tank cars. Also no one has mentioned the string of Milwaukee Road coal gondolas behind the front row. Especially that unusually long gondola that is second from the left.
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Ooops!  I see it is the Milwaukee Road's Bensenville Yard.  If the view is to the north then yes, O'Hare is now there.... I think you can see hangers below the horizon which would be the Douglas aircraft plant which was the nucelus for the military field that gave birth to O'Hare.
Charlie Vlk

Actually not... O'Hare never came south of Irving Park Road, although that road was relocated around the south edge of the property that did become O'Hare. That's not the road that shows by the farmer's barn... If you look in the mid distance in the photo, you'll see the straight line of the top of a railroad embankment. That's the C&NW freight line running north from Proviso Yard; the old freight line, before it was relocated further west to the edge of the airport. Just about smack dab in the middle of the frame is a dark area on that embankment, which is the bridge over the old alignment of Irving Park Road, the bridge that became Chicago's own "bridge to nowhere" for a generation or two as both the railroad above it and the road that went under it had been relocated, and the bridge stood like a forlorn sentinel at the western edge of the airport, visible from Irving Park where it curved north back to its original alignment. That means we are west of
the C&NW, west of the MILW RIP track complex, and the land north of the tracks developed as an industrial park after WWII, until it was condemned for airport expansion in the last year or two.

But I do agree with Charlie that that is Orchard Field in the distance.





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