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The roof, sides and ends are all one molding

Jerry Glow

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I wonder if these roof are available separately as I could see a bash to
the UP -40-10 that would give us this roof.

Greg Martin

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Atlas has produced the 1932 ARA steel box car in HO scale with a number of
different roof hardware. I have not checked my models, but the roof may be
a separate part. A couple of models were produced with a radial roof on
the last batch imported late last year. I think this C&O car has the Climax
Radial roof.

They also offer a Norfolk Southern car with a slightly different roof. Is
this the Chicago-Viking radial roof?

An Erie car was produced on an earlier run with this same radial roof.
pg_ (ht

I don't recall discussion on this list about the prototype fidelity
regarding the roofs of these Atlas models.


Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
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