Re: USRA 50's gon decals

John H <sprinthag@...>


I print decals and draw all my own vector artwork for them. If someone can supply or point me at suitable photos I will design the set based on the photos. The problem comes in with the small print (isn't it always the way). I don't invent the data so if it is unreadable either the customer must supply me with the data or provide me with a contact. If that is not available, use of generic data decals is recommended.

One of the advantages of Alps printing. One or several sets can be printed at anytime. I usually use a sheet measuring 5.5 X 8.5".

As long as the customer does not demand an exclusive on the artwork so I can also sell the set to others, I do not charge for artwork.

John Hagen

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I don't but it's a good project assuming good photos and documentation but hasn't Intermountain covered them all (making decals less than commercially viable).

Jerry Glow
The Villages FL

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Thanks Gerald:

I was finally able to access your website. Actually I was looking for
some decals for a USRA gondola
that I picked up At the NMRA for a friend. He does not have a
particular railroad in mind. He just wants
an accurate set for the 1950's time frame. I did not find any on your
list. Do you have any ideas?



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