Re: Climax radial roof

Benjamin Hom

Eric Hansmann wrote:
"I don't recall discussion on this list about the prototype fidelity regarding
the roofs of these Atlas models.

I think this C&O car has the Climax Radial roof."

Correct; C&O 7000-7649.

"They also offer a Norfolk Southern car with a slightly different roof. Is this
the Chicago-Viking radial roof?"

Viking roof, but a peaked roof, not radial; NS 25000-25499.

"An Erie car was produced on an earlier run with this same radial roof."
As Schuyler poster earlier, not a radial roof, but a Viking peaked roof, ERIE
Atlas should be commended for putting in the effort to match the major details
(roof, ends) to the prototype.  (It's almost like two different teams gave us
the 1932 ARA boxcars and the "Rebuilt" boxcar POS.)
Ben Hom

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